Dr. Edward Chow, co-developer of the Orthotool contact lens design software, will be conducting a workshop this April 29th in Orlando, Florida. Pre-registration is available at Orthotool.com.

For more information on the Vision by Design 2011 Orthokeratology Conference, please visit orthokmeeting.com.

Custom Design with OrthoTool Software For Optimum ortho-k & Myopia Control

This course is designed for both the beginners & doctors in advance level. All you want to know about custon design reverse geometry lens with 6 curves, the 4th generation of orthoK will be discussed. The course will also help the beginner to understand the principles of corneal reshaping for optimum orthoK effect. For advance learning, problem solving will be included for difficult corneas, high myopia targeting and optimum myopia control for young patients. The fee will be $100/person including food & beverage. Pre registration is recommended.

About Dr. Chow

Dr. Edward Chow has proudly served patients in the Toronto, Ontario area since 1973. He is an accomplished orthokeratologist, having lectured to students and optometrists in Hong Kong, the United States, and Canada. As an active researcher he has published several scientific papers related to contact lenses and orthokeratology. Dr. Chow has embodied his specialized knowledge in the Orthotool software, which assists other optometrists in providing ortho-k services to their own patients.

Contact Information
Dr. Edward Chow
7155 Woodbine Avenue,
Suite 107
Markham, Ontario
Canada, L3R 1A3