The Global Council on Myopia Management (GCOMM) is holding its first annual global conference this June 7 and 8 in Toronto. The speaker lineup and research presentations are unmatched: Learn more about GCOMM 2019 myopia conference.

OrthoTool Workshop Agenda

Topographer data analysis to optimize OrthoTool ™ lens designs

  • What can be done with CUSTOM design using your topographer
  • How to input data from your topographer into OrthoTool™ for lens design
  • Analyzing data for optimal results

Corneal biomechanics as applied to orthokeratology

  • Static vs dynamic measurement of IOP
  • Hysteresis: viscosity & damping
  • Elasticity
  • Resistance factor: central corneal thickness
  • Biomechanics as related to age, ethnicity

Effective modern orthokeratology for successful ortho-k & myopia control

  • Understanding the peripheral defocus theory
  • Corneal tissue movement/migration in ortho-k
  • Munnerlyn Formula: related to tissue migration/movement and treatment zone to benefit treatment
  • Jessen Factor: how much we should target?

Understanding the forces applied in ortho-k & guided principles for lens designing (tear film diagrams to illustrate the force concept)

  • Compression force
  • Squeeze film & tension forces
  • Surface tension, small capillary forces
  • Aspheric back optical zone to generate extra forces & control of saggital height of fit
  • General theories for successful results: understanding the basic concepts & the functions of different curves & why CUSTOM design allows for better myopia control
  • Learning to identify the fluorescein patterns for effective resultsd

Introduction of OrthoTool ™ (new upgrades with 10 curves)

  • Why the new software is superior for lens design & myopia control
  • The difference between proprietary & CUSTOM lens designs
  • Pushing the limits of conventional lens design
  • Learn how to design regular & multifocal SOFT & GP lenses (for myopia control)
  • Learn how to design reverse geometry lens for myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia & post surgical corneas
  • Guided principles for lens design

Trouble Shooting